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The majority of people buy life insurance to prepare for the uncertain. More people should consider the benefits of having living benefits included in a life insurance policy. You can also easily take advantage of Best Life Insurance Company In Glendale, California.

Living benefits help with many financial burdens due to a majority of individuals experiencing long-term care needs. Don’t let the opportunity to stay protected pass you by. Learn about the best life insurance in Glendale with living benefits.

Living Benefits Explained

Life insurance allows us to protect our loved ones and ourselves too. This is primarily used to reduce financial burdens on our families if we pass away. The living benefits of life insurance protect us from a chronic, critical, and terminal illness.

Finding the best life insurance in Glendale should include factoring in living benefits. Living benefits can be useful to any of us since we really don’t know what the future may bring. Finding the right policy in Glendale starts with understanding if living benefits are right for you.

Term Life Insurance Living Benefits

Life insurance policies allow us to choose a term limit or permanent coverage. With term life, accelerated death benefits are a popular option when facing a terminal illness. This provides a partial payout of a term life policy in order to cover the costs of medical bills, debt due to illness, and even recreational activities we want to make the most of. 

When finding Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits with life insurance in Glendale, CA, be sure to consider these factors:

  • The cash amount that you’re advanced is NOT deducted from the total amount given to beneficiaries after you pass away
  • Not all insurance companies are the same. Some life insurance companies limit the number of accelerated death benefits that you use
  • You may be required to have a life insurance policy open for a certain amount of time before gaining access to benefits

You can also take advantage of a return of premium. If you don’t pass away during a term, all the premiums you already paid are paid back to you.

A disability waiver of premium is another term life option. This living benefit allows the insured with a long-term disability to skip premium payments.

Permanent Living Benefits

Unlike term policies, a permanent life insurance policy has a death benefit and the option to accrue cash on a tax-deferred basis. Some long-term policies include the accelerated death benefits that exist for term life policies. Permanent life policies also include policy loans, policy surrender, long-term care benefits, and cash value withdrawal.

In Glendale, you can take advantage of a permanent life insurance policy with living benefits if you need a cash advance that’s similar to a loan. In the event of an emergency, you can also cancel your policy to obtain the cash value.

With 70% of seniors needing long-term care, this benefit option is ideal for covering expenses that health insurance can’t cover. 

Get Living Benefits in Glendale

Insured individuals who experience a chronic or terminal illness will either praise having living benefits or regret that they didn’t take advantage of it. Don’t wait for the moment you realize that you need it and make sure you’re covered. It’s reassuring knowing that life insurance with living benefits in Glendale, CA is just a phone call away. 

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